Made in Tokyo.

A sick novel that will make you suffer
(until you start enjoying it)

Getting drunk in Tokyo, fighting in Paris, breaking up in New York and taking LSD in a small village in Russia — this all happens when the main character, Tanya, meets Hajime, her half-Japanese boyfriend diagnosed with bipolar disorder, an addict and a remarkably interesting man.

About the author

For her previous works, written in Russian, Tanya von Varchmin was named to the Long-List of the Debut Prize three times, and awarded a Gran Prix from a Steven Spielberg foundation for her short stories.

The self-publication of one of Tanya’s novels, NEW YORK generated lots of attention on social media. Among readers on Bookmate, a library of contemporary and classic authors, it received controversial reviews, the novel was compared to the “best examples of the written works of the Beat generation and Howl by Alan Ginsberg.”

Made in Tokyo is full of beautiful and heartbreaking moments. The protagonist, Tanya, is the only constant in a non-chronological tale that chases her through airports, hotels and shifting relationships. A great study of love, human experience and how we relate to each other, it explores what happens when we do ‘what we’re not supposed to,’ and what’s at the end of a path of self-destruction. A must-read for anyone who has ever been lost.

Sarah F,  journalist

Such an edgy novel. It is full of emotions and hardcore feelings. I was always comparing Tanya’s journey to mine. My girlfriend is diagnosed with bipolar. It was painful but it was worth reading it. It felt like going to the therapist but better (and cheaper)! 100% worth reading.

Dave K,  marketer

I was grabbed by the story from the first pages. No spoilers but here’s one: the story is not what it seems. Great plot twists. An exceptional description of the fate of a modern man rushing to the bottom, it's like a comprehensive generation guide. The best book of 2019 for me so far.

Ann L,  blogger